3.   which will, on selection, automatically redirect to: 
4.  On >Clicking< the LOGIN Button, the following box will appear:
7.   To confirm that you have successfully Logged IN this Box will change to LOGOUT:
8. Once Logged IN, by going to > MY UNITS > MY DETAILS at the bottom is the CHANGE PASSWORD box in which a personally chosen password is made.
6.  From the automated email generated, using "your email" and the temporary Password. LOGIN is now possible.
N:B: It IMPORTANT that you use the SAME email that is registered with Whitfields. i.e. it  must be the same email address on the Whitfields system, that they use to send levy statements to. If you put in another email address that is not loaded on the Whitfields system, you will not be able to login or register on the system!
5.  On the first LOGIN only, you will initial be asked for: Email and Account No. which is either sent to you by Customer Care Agent, Mrs. Landon, or you will find it on the Statement as the TAX INVOICE No. (8 Figures - upper right hand corner ), which will start with CSP00XXY.  XX = Unit number and Y = random letter. In the ensuing email will include your:
User name = your email
Password   = xxxXxxXy  (temporary)
Registered acct Nr.= CSP00XXY

See on Left
1.   Go to > the LOGIN Button < on the HOME page or

2.    on which page, select Cape Sands from the drop - down list  > ENTER <.

as at - October 2017